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Running Towards Fear - Aceworkz

Running Towards Fear

Why do many of us decide to stay within the comfort zone? Facing your fears can be one of the most nerve-wrecking moments in your life, but as you run towards your fears the other side of fear unlocks more experiences and opportunities into your life as well. Facing fears for humans can make them feel self- vulnerable to the unknown outcome of what will happen. We are comfortable with who and what we know, so when we encounter new things in life we automatically feel anxious, and sometimes to the point we run away from what we know we need to do because of fear. Every time we shy away from fear we limit our potential and miss out on the great opportunities and moments in life that lies on the other side. Running away from it also causes the fear to become even bigger and it will continue to grow until it is confronted.

Has there been a time in your life where you avoided doing something because it was uncomfortable? Everyone has before, because our body has the fight or flight response, and fear probably causes the most flight responses in us. One thing throughout my experiences with fear is that many things may seem intimidating and difficult on the surface. Many times leading up to the moment of facing it is when your most uncomfortable because your head creates false illusions and is afraid of the unknown. However, once you just take that leap of faith and do what makes you uncomfortable you will realize that facing it makes life that much easier. You have now made the uncomfortable comfortable by making the unknown known. Each time you face a fear it gives you a great sense of achievement and you feel joy in being able to do what you want without running from it. 

 How will conquering fears change your life? There is a story I heard from a mentor about the result of fear. There was once a father and son who attended a talent show, and as the show went on the son said I know I can do better than the people up on the stage. The father then said, you may be right, but if you don't face the fear of being on stage and put yourself out there then your potential will be locked inside of you forever. Fear is ultimately what decides how far one can go in life. No matter how hard you work if you are not willing to take risks your limit is already capped within the comfort zone. Wether its speaking up about your thoughts, being true to yourself, starting your business, or developing closer relationships. These can all be uncomfortable at first, but what all of these have in common is it leaves you vulnerable, but in return offers self growth and your greatest achievements throughout your life. Throughout our lives everybody will be faced with moments of confrontation with this illusion we created called fear. The ordinary will usually shy away back to the comfort zone, while the successful will run at fear to get the most out of their lives.

 How to practice facing fears? Facing fears can be a routine and a habit implemented into your lifestyle. Whenever you feel uncomfortable or something new gives you insecurity or anxiety, just run towards it. This is the number one rule of building confidence in taking that initial leap towards becoming great at facing fears. It is in our nature to run away from uncomfortable situations, but if you realize that fear is occurring in the moment, then you know facing it will make you come out a better person. Try to make yourself do something uncomfortable every single day. Wether its approaching a stranger, speaking up in a meeting, or expressing emotions to others, all these little moments of confrontation with fear will build confidence in you and unlock new opportunities for living an optimal life.