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Foundations Of A Healthy LIfestyle - Aceworkz

Foundations Of A Healthy Lifestyle


 Being healthy is very crucial because you never know the day that your health will affect you and change your whole life. Although the future is unknown, there are ways to prevent the chances and lower the rate of health issues during your lifetime. There are three main types of health I believe determine your overall health. Physical, Mental, and Nutritional Health are what controls how we feel every single day. We need to keep these areas in check because if we don't our health is going downhill. The core reason health is so important is because without health we cannot enjoy anything else in life. Whether it's financial stability, family, and relationships, all are affected due to poor health. Having poor health will make yourself a burden to others especially those close to you that care. You will lose your independence and need to depend on others to look after you. This is why I highly value health as the number one focus and priority in my life.


Physical health is very important because our daily lives require us to be physical, whether its walking, driving, or any type of movement. How can we stay physically fit? There are many different fitness choices you can choose that you like. Such as going to the gym, sports, pilates, yoga, or any activity that gets your heart rate and muscles functioning in some form. If one doesn't have the habit of being active, the easiest way to get into it is shorten the time of your workouts, but be consistent. You must stay consistent with working out in order to make it a habit and actually see results. The next thing to not do is go looking for results since it will discourage you if you don't see any, instead know that fitness is a lifestyle and results will come once you make it a routine. 


Have you ever pulled an all nighter and woke feeling lethargic and low energy? Our body's naturally need around 6-8 hours of sleep to perform at its peak. When we don't get enough we are easily irritable and lose focus to perform tasks throughout our day. Mentally and Physically we are also at a weakened state as well. Easiest way to have good sleep is train your body to wakeup and sleep at the same time everyday if possible. Try to keep it that way then your body will naturally get tired and wakeup at those distinct times. When you set these times be  aware to sleep earlier and wakeup earlier. Our bodies react like nature, when the sun goes down we rest, and sunrise we should be waking up too. I personally have experienced when I set the times to sleep early and wakeup early my body feels fully optimized and I can function at my best. Other times when I wakeup late or sleep late, even with 6-12 hours of sleep I always wakeup feeling tired or not as energetic and motivated. This just proves to us that your body is supposed to be in tune with nature, not go against it. The human body functions the best sleeping and waking early. The way to work towards that is slowly adjust by an hour each time, until you finally get to the the final time you want to incorporate into your daily routine.


What we put into our body we get out of it. Have you ever ate a bunch of junk or fast food then felt unhealthy internally and experienced food coma? This is because when of all the energy it takes our body to digest unhealthy foods. We must learn to listen to our body and ingest foods that make us feel good to be at our physical and mental peak. Diet is one of the key factors to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You might be able to get away with few months or years of eating unhealthy, but if you make it a lifestyle the long-term effects will catch up to you. By the time its affected you it may already be too late to change your long-term habits. Start now by looking at what you eat on a daily basis. If it's a lot of processed foods and less healthy choices, you need to implement a strategy to get you on track to eating right. When you eat right you look better, feel great, and ultimately will boost your chances of living a healthy life. You will be able to be dependent on yourself when you are older and retire without health issues because you have put in the work and effort to maintain a healthy life.


Mental health is crucial as well, because our mental strength is so powerful it can control how we feel in every moment. Learning to manage your emotions and thoughts is a skill that needs to be practiced constantly in order to achieve mental health. Everyone has negative thoughts that affect them, but our mind also has a positive ability that you can tap into if you train your mind to do so. Most people however, dwell on negatives and that leads to overthinking and depression. Learning to manage your thoughts and filter out the bad will make you a happier and motivated person overall. Personally, incorporating meditation daily helps clear my mind and refreshes it daily to start my day off right! One can start by meditating for short periods and gradually increase the duration. During my meditation I focus on emptying my mind and focus on staying present and awareness of my thoughts. During this meditation period my mind is clear and avoid distracting thoughts that will come in, I stay as present as possible. I stay mindful of my senses and random thoughts that flow through my head. By having a non-judgemental approach and accepting the present moment I am strengthening my mind to accept like as what it is and control only what i can which is my thinking.


Bringing everything together into one is very difficult to do, but daily practice and being aware of these key components of health will ultimately make it a way of life. Being healthy requires you to understand your body and also do further research of how to improve your health according to each individuals health needs. Improving your health can be a lifelong quest, but there are ways you can get started. First and foremost, your habits and routine are what will set you on the right path. Your routine and what you do on a daily basis is what ultimately creates your lifestyle. Sometimes health is a thing taken for granted because it is not a physical thing you see, until you feel it. Having your daily fitness and diet routines and being consistent with it will improve your life not just in those areas, but give you momentum to do better overall in general. Health is my number one priority in life, because without it no success, family, or yourself can save you from the consequences of taking your health for granted.